Best General Paper (GP) Tuition Singapore

General Paper (GP) Tuition Singapore

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“I had tendency to express ideas unclearly and inappropriately...Mr Hong's tuition helped me to succinctly express, ...communicate in an unambiguous manner when writing essays,
allowing me to excel..."

Bryan Ho (Google Reviews)
– Anglo Chinese JC

brandon econs student acjc

What Do These Top Students Have in Common?

Ng Hung Wei
Ng HUng WEI TJC 87.5 RP
Ethan Ong
Ethan Ong, RIJC 90 RP
Tan Yixin
Tan Yixin, EJC, 90 RP
Leng Sang
Ng Leng Sang, RIJC, 90 RP

Get Ahead With Our GP Tuition That Will Make You A Top Student

Achieving Your Full Potential In GP Is Possible. Get A Clearer Understanding Of The Subject PLUS
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With over 24 years of JC tuition experience in Singapore, I’ve taught thousands of JC students.

“Why do I choose to be a tutor?”, you may wonder. After all, I have owned many successful businesses, including training institutes, service retail chain stores, leading more than 300 workers.

Why not? As an ex-government scholar in the Administrative Service, I believe in giving back by investing my time. Every student should have the opportunity to learn Economics and General Paper topics very well and in the process develop critical thinking skills, entrepreneurial investment acumen as well as care for the society. I have continued to offer FREE and Subsidised tuition for those who truly cannot afford.

Here's Some Of My Prominent
Achievements & Accolades

1st Class Honours (NUS)
 & Dean’s List Every Academic Year

NUS Valedictorian
(Valedictory Speaker at Convocation)

Paul Sherwood Memorial Book Prize
 2nd year NUS)

University Of Singapore Economics Society Book Prize
(Top in economics for the entire undergraduate examinations)

 Singapore Government PSC Scholarship Awards
(Humanities & Merit Awards)

Raffles Institution
Merit Book Prize

(Top student in ‘O’ levels)

Finalist In International University Essay Competition

NUS Silver Medalist (Awarded for 2nd most outstanding academic results in Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

4 Years Singapore Government Administrative Service
(With Policymaking Experiences)

Received Offers from Both NUS & NTU
(To Join Their Academic Faculty)

Former Chairman & Judge (National Economics Quiz & International Youth Financial Analysis Competition)

Author Of  A Level Study Guides & Model Essay Publications
(Sold Worldwide!)

“His (Mr Hong’s) academic prowess earned the respect of both his peers and his teachers.”

Jamie Reeves
– Renowned A Level Tutor From RIJC
& Former Director Of Humanities Programme In RI/RIJC

Jamie Reeves (RI/RJC)
Jamie Reeves (RI/RJC)

Jamie Reeves
Renowned A Level Tutor From
 Raffles Junior College 

Former Director Of Humanities Programme In RI/RJC

TET x AGP Customised GP Tuition

Specially Catered to Students of Economics & also Advisable for All Students 


Paper 1, we focus 65% on the following:

4 out of 12 topics:

Economics / Business & its Impact on the World


Globalisation & its Impact on Society*

Environmental issues such as Sustainable Development*

Social issues such as Poverty & Inequality*
*also in economics syllabus

We devote 35% to Media, Education, Science & Technology

Such exposure will enhance students’ answers for any question they attempt & impress examiners with their wide
range of knowledge. We need to be T-shaped!

Such topics are already within students’ domain knowledge & interest.

Such knowledge will be useful for the students’ future.

By training students on GP Paper 1, they will also be coached to Craft Arguments & Structure their Points in an effective way for Economics Essays. (Read caveat in FAQ)

(Mock GP Qn: To What Extent is Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone Simply Wise & Ingenious ?!)

For Paper 2, we focus on Skills Mastery

Comprehension Explanation Inference Paraphrasing Evaluation Synthesis

Many of these skills are also needed for Economics
! Especially for Case Studies!
Many students struggle with Economics Case Studies because they already struggle with those skills!

We help students master those skills to excel for both GP & Economics.

And of course, we also focus on the “highly feared” Application Question, where
knowledge of Singapore’s issues & policies will be of great relevance.


This is also true for the Singapore-Cambridge Economics Syllabus (both H2 & H1)!

Again, killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Ouch!

“Kelvin (Founder of AGP) possesses a keen mind...He thinks critically and his essays show a maturity of thought and an astutement of judgment...Kelvin writes lucidly and prolifically...His essays show clarity of thought and depth of analysis even when he has been given only a short time to write ...ideas flow fluently, confidently and coherently..."

Testimonial from Raffles Institution

Isn't That What All Students Hope Teachers
Will Write On Their Scripts?

Weeks Top Letter 2 Make decisions with community consensus The Straits Times dragged page 0001

“best letters…worth reading…a second read, even…thought provoking, incisive”
Matthew Pereira, Forum Editor, Straits Times about the Week’s Top Letters

PROVEN 10/10 FRAMEWORK Which Goes Beyond Grades

Economics Tuition Mini Group
Economics Tuition Small Group

Our Unique 10-Step Framework To EXCELLENCE

What You DoWhat We DoOur 10/10 Steps to Excellence
Talk to us! Show to us!We Identify!We perform a Needs Analysis based on your test scripts. 
Read! Watch! Note! Follow!We Simplify!Our resources complement your school lectures to help you learn the GP Topics easily & effectively.
Ask-cuse me ?We Clarify!You ask us & We ask you. Only then you will truly understand the theories.
Enjoy the ride!We Inspire!We help you connect, make sense, understand why you are learning & what you are learning. 
Answer leh!We Grill!We don’t feed you answers (only sometimes). We test your answers.
Left! Right! Sharper! Faster! Again! Think! Read again!We Coach!From question analysis to application, answering techniques & time management, we coach you all the way.
Practise!!!We Perspire!By issuing regular assignments & remaining contactable for all students 24/7
Press on!We Motivate!The journey can be tough, improvements may take time but we will cheer you on all the way!
Prepare!We Spot-on!Through our spookily accurate spotted practice exam questions, students gain an advantage! This has been true for both IB and A Level exams.
Charge Ahead!We go beyond GradesOur lessons build up deep & critical thinking skills, learning techniques, diligence & determination, confidence, and the application of critical thinking and knowledge of world issues for successful future careers, entrepreneurship, investments and life decisions. Our alumni often seek Mr Hong’s advice on university applications, interviews and investments.

Featured In:

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Featured In:

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"Students who aren't weak would also seek out our services as they have very high aspirations, such as entering top universities, securing admissions into highly competitive programmes like Medicine and Law, or obtaining scholarships."
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Interview by
The Business Times

Ace Your GP & Score For Life

Besides Guiding You To Achieve Your Desired Grades, We Also Provide Tips &
Secrets On How GP Can Be Effectively Applied In Personal Life, Career & Future Investments.

We pay close attention to our students’ progress & provide personalized advice & guidance.

Programme Details

We believe students can spend less time on H1 
(especially GP & Mother Tongue)! 

TET x AGP’s GP programme

$ 200-300 Monthly
  • Depending on 2 or 3x per month
  • 1 Time Registration Fee $80
  • Material Fees $80/ Semester
  • Runs Fortnightly
  • 2.5 Hours Per Lesson

TET x AGP's GP programme

Current Promo:  Regis Fees are waived for Students of TET’s Economics Programme. 
PLUS 20% OFF Monthly GP fees.
$ 200 - 300 Monthly
  • Depending on 2 or 3x per month
  • 1 Time Registration Fee $80
  • Material Fees $80/ Semester
  • Runs Fortnightly
  • 2.5 Hours Per Lesson

“I Didn’t Understand...Any Of My Tutorials Or Lectures…Your Examples Are One Of A Kind! I Look Forward To Every One Of Your Lessons.”

Jermaine Tay (Google Reviews)

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Jermaine Tay
Econs Tuition Student 2017 Jermaine Tay

Jermaine Tay (Google Reviews)

Seriously, It's A No Brainer !

Gain Access To Exclusive Study Materials

Insights Into Current Affairs
& Real World Examples

Highly Effective Essays Outlines

Highly Engaging Hybrid Lessons

Digital Resources like
Real World Examples & Model Essays

Customised Notes, Skills Packages

Gain Access To Exclusive Study Materials

Insight Into Current Affairs
& Real World Examples

Highly Effective Essays Outlines

Highly Engaging Hybrid Lessons

Digital Resources like
Real World Examples & Model Essays

Customised Notes, Skills Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions About GP Tuition

1stly, why didn’t you? Nevermind, 2ndly, of course you should! You are missing out a lot if you don’t acquire some Economics knowledge. There are huge benefits to learning economics! At least, you can acquire some through our GP Programme.

Yes, the GP classes are also Online. It has worked so well for our Economics Tuition, so naturally it will also work very well for GP. In addition, we operate a Special Hybrid, where quarterly, we huddle with students for Fun, Food, GP and Econs!

Because of the global pandemic, online lessons have slowly become a norm. Mr Hong has conducted online tuition for economics many years ago and had only recently converted towards online classes.

According to the feedback given by many of our students, the online classes are just as effective as the usual physical classes, whereby students are still able to interact with each other and ask/answer questions during the online class. Students enrolled in our online lessons can also access the recordings from previous lessons and save time on travelling compared to regular physical classes.

Some 1-1 classes may be a necessary boost for students who are very weak in grasping GP topics and skills. Not to worry, Mr Hong will recommend accordingly. For existing students in group classes, you can enjoy discounted fees for 1-to-1 lessons.

Of course! One of the best part of Online classes is you don’t have to worry about missing anything. All make-ups are through the video recorded lessons and you can clarify anything with us from the recorded lessons.

Both 2023 J1 & J2 GP classes will be held fortnightly Tues 730pm. Please enquire for other time slots.

No, they are not!

The way of crafting arguments and structuring one’s points are the same.

However, economics is a “technical” subject. Mr Hong deems it a GP+Math+Science. There is a need to furnish technical explanations (the Math + Science parts) in your economics essay, which would be inappropriate for GP. There are also diagrammatic illustrations and analyses needed in an economics essay, which also would not be relevant for GP.

Yes, General Paper (GP) grade is important for students taking the GCE A-Level examination in Singapore. GP is a compulsory subject that is used to assess a student’s proficiency in language and critical thinking skills. The grade obtained in GP is used in the computation of the student’s rank points, which determines their eligibility for admission into the local universities.

Needless to say, one must score well for GP to have a better chance to be admitted into extremely competitive faculties of Medicine, Law, Computer Science and even Business.

Apart from being a factor for university admission, a good GP grade is also important for students who are applying for scholarships or bursaries, as many of these awards require a minimum GP grade as a prerequisite.

Moreover, having strong language and critical thinking skills that GP aims to develop is essential for success in higher education and in the workplace. These skills can help students communicate effectively, think critically, and make informed decisions, which are important in many fields and industries.

Having knowledge about many global, local, societal and “human” issues is also very important for one to navigate the complexities of life and this world.

With the knowledge and the ability to think critically and creatively, our founder Mr Kelvin Hong hopes that all his students can contribute to making this world a better place. 

Don’t worry! It is NOT Fake News!

It is our PCME+Free GP Promo! For a Limited Period & 1st 100 sign-ups.


Students qualify for our “PCME Free GP Tuition Promo” upon enrolling for at least 3 of the PCME subjects tuition with the following:

  1. The Economics Tutor
  2. Ahive Academy for Chemistry
  3. Espen Tuition for Math & Physics

All fees – Registration, Material and Lesson Fees will be waived (from the time of qualification for the Promo and enrolment into the GP Programme).*

*As the Full GP Programme is a fortnightly one starting from J1, students who enrol later (especially in J2) are strongly advised to obtain lessons and materials prior to their enrolment. These will be chargeable as the Promo can only apply to lessons and materials upon enrolment and qualification for the Promo and NOT retrospectively.

*Obviously, to continue to enjoy the Free GP Tuition, the student must continue to be in enrolment for at least 3 of the PCME subjects tuition.

*Only for 1st 100 students.